President Message



Hello my fellow Men and Women of Gujarat

We are proud of to be Gujarati .We all were born in Gujarat, “The land of golden opportunity and enormous prosperity”. This land has given us great MAHATMA GANDHI and Iron Man of India, SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL.

SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL was the first president of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee and I am proud to follow his footsteps in my capacity as the President of GPCC. This is not only a position of the legendary leader but is equally important to well-wishers of GujaratMRS. SONIA GANDHI AND RAHUL GANDHI.

I am the steel in the foundations of our state and I am committed to standing like a rock to guard the pride, progress and the people of Gujarat. I challenge anyone to look around today’s Gujarat and point a single big public achievement that does not bear the imprints of past Congress Party governments.
The state of Gujarat has always been at the forefront, be it per capita income or industrial andagriculture growth. Since its very inception in 1960, Gujarat has been one of the leading states of India.Unfortunately, since last two decades Gujarat has lagged behind on many fronts and sadly Gujarat is far behind many states in human development index. This is a fact which puts us all to shame.

After becoming the President of GPCC, I have had a chance to meet thousands of peoples from all across Gujarat. After meeting and listening to them, I felt very sorry about their difficulties and their suffering in daily life,all of which is due to the mismanagement, negligence and widespread corruption prevailing in the present Government.
If the people of Gujarat give my party an opportunity, I commit to accomplish these for the people of Gujarat:


Once upon a time Gujarat was a leading state in textile manufacturing. That is why Ahmedabad was known as the Manchester of India. But today this industry has been wiped out from the map of Gujarat. Not only textile industry but other industries like colour , chemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals, casting , ceramics and especially the diamond industry are all struggling and some of the industries have almost vanished from Gujarat. The reason for this is the present state government’s policies. Instead of providing the necessary help, the present government has become a mute spectator. Due to this thousands of our young men and women are losing jobsevery day.It is my commitment to give new life to sick industries.


It is necessary to remove hurdles created by present government to improve the economy and stability of all small and medium scale business so that our young generation will have the opportunity to get decent employment and a fair salary. Also, it is of utmost importance to restore the confidence of the business community and their employees.


We are committed to completing all the sub-canals of the Narmada project. By doing this,80% of our land will become fertile and farmers will benefit directly. This will also reduce farming production cost and use of electricity. The benefit of all this will pass on to the common people of Gujarat. We will also help farmers by providing to them seeds,fertilizers and pesticides at reasonable rates. We will also ensure that they are easily available. We will also educate farmers about modern and effective farming methods. This will result in higher income for farmers and lower cost of agricultural products for people.


We will provide modern medical facilities at the doorstep ofevery small village and upgrade existing medical facilities and provide new state of the art medical facilities in urban and metropolitan areas.


Gujarat has hundreds of miles of coastline and there is a great opportunity to develop natural harbours. We commit to do this. This will make Gujarat a great hub for the best ports in India that will facilitate export and import of goods. In addition, we will construct linkage roads that will further enable the transportation of goods within India. This will connect to major highways of India. Doing this will help the transportation industry and will also create thousands of jobs. We will also work on a long-term plan for the fishing community.


We will review and revise the present education system and introduce a new system. This new system will be modern and technology led. We will also make education affordable for masses.


The biggest problem in Gujarat is traffic. Due to uncontrolled traffic, many people die in accidents. To address this problem, I will take strong steps and in metro areas all the road conditions will be reviewed and if required, we will discontinue the BRTS system and provide other options to people. We will also monitor smooth running of traffic to minimize pollution.For their own publicity the present Government has made “PRAGATI PATH.” Shockingly, these roads have faulty designs and no consideration of personal safety has been taken into account.


Gujarat has a very poor quality of drinking water. Sadly, no one has taken any measures to upgrade the drinking water system.Our water sources are getting more polluted with each passing day, making it imperative to protect the source of drinking water. We have to do this, for ourselves and for the sake of our next generation.

In coastal areas we have saline water. The government has to provide a solution to purify this. Some areas also need distillation plants. I commit to address these issues effectively.

We need to raise the per capita income of our rural population. To do this I have suggested a new approach to farming. This has to be implemented. We need to educate the rural people about home and cottage industries to produce domestic products from home, like in Japan and Korea. By doing so, we can control migration of people towards city and save the cities from getting overcrowded.
My first and only wish for Gujarat is “NavSarjan Gujarat.”

With your blessings,