Desperation driving Narendra Modi- Amit Shah to speak of Pakistan: Congress

Dec 11, 2017, 06:09 IST

GANDHINAGAR: Sharply reacting to PM Narendra Modi and BJP party president Amit Shah’s comments on ‘Pakistan’s hand’, AICC communication in-charge Randeep Surjewala said, “We feel sorry for the PM and are pained.”

Surjewala asked, “How can a person in the dignified post of Prime Minister indulge in conspiracy to divert attention from core issues of Gujarat? Gujarat’s election must be fought on Gujarat’s core issues.”

He added, “Fear and desperation is visible in the PM’s baseless statements. It does not look becoming of the PM, given his post and age, to make such false statements. Modiji and Shahji are speaking of Pakistan out of desperation.”

Criticizing demonetization as high-handed and unplanned, Surjewala said, “Delhi had an emperor, Muhammad bin Tughlaq, who carried out demonetization and ruined the economy. After that a similar farman (order) was made by ‘Tanashah Badhshah’ (dictator emperor),” referring to Modi.

Surjewala added, “Suit-boot-wale Badshah (Modi) and his Shah (Amit Shah) are lauding demonetization but not asking even once about the pain a common Gujarati suffered due to this absurd decision.”

Going all out against Modi over his ‘Pakistan’ comments, Surjewala said, “The whole country knows who is in love with Pakistan. Who had relations with terrorists and how BJP’s irresponsible behaviour affected national security.”
Taking a dig at Modi’s ‘Pakistan’ comments, Surjewala said sarcastically that the way Pakistan is being brought up by BJP, it seems the elections are not taking place in Gujarat, but in Pakistan, and BJP may any time go and contest elections there.

“If you really want to go and contest elections in Pakistan, you should first inform 6.5 crore Gujaratis and the country why you hosted infamous Pakistani agencies to visit Pathankot airbase, and why Amit Shah said they trust the action taken by Pakistan.”

Bringing up Modi’s Pak visits, Surjewala asked, “Why does Amit Shah and Modi show trust on ISI and Pakistan while questioning us? Was this not an insult to our soldiers? Why did the PM go to celebrate Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif’s birthday and attend the marriage of his daughter soon after the terror attacks in Udhampur and Gurudaspur, and that too without invitation?”